TLC for Research Methods II

In collaboration with Dr. Ryan Winter, the Center for Academic Success has developed a new pilot program for students enrolled in Research Methods II. These workshops are dedicated to strengthening students’ skills in critical reading, statistics, and APA formatting. There will be 6 sessions throughout the semester. The topics will be an extension to what Dr. Winter will be covering in class.

You can choose one, two, or choose to visit them all! Please read the expectations of the workshops before registering below:

Workshop Expectations

  1. Be prepared. Bring your textbook, syllabus, laptop and any pertinent materials related to the pace of the course. Rough drafts and data sets will be extremely helpful.
  2. Be on time. Sessions are one hour in length. The tutors need all of this time in order to provide each participant with the necessary attention and detail to his/her progress.
  3. COMMUNICATE. This is the first time TLC for Research Methods is offered, hence the term “pilot program.” We would like as much feedback as possible respective to whether this is helping your understanding of the course.
  4. Be responsible. Once you register for a workshop at our CfAS you are reserving a place that no other student can take. Be considerate with these workshops. Keep your Panther ID handy when you arrive. You must enter your information at the front area of the Center. Make sure that your tutor records your attendance. At the end of the semester these records will be submitted to Dr. Winter.

Workshop #1: APA Review

Students will review the basics of APA formatting, citations, and reference.

Workshop #2: Fundamentals of Paraphrasing

Students will review the skills in paraphrasing and summarizing. Practice will include paraphrasing and summarizing sample articles. It will be helpful to bring your own articles for your paper.

Workshop #3: Inferential Statistics: t-tests and ANOVA

Students will review the concepts of t-tests and ANOVA. Laptops will be necessary to apply the concepts of analysis in SPSS.

Workshop #4: Inferential Statistics: ANOVA

The Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is a common statistical analysis that is conducted in the behavioral sciences. This session is dedicated to clarifying any misunderstanding and developing proficiency in the analysis.

Workshop #5: Review of the Research Paper

Students will critique their own research papers respective to Dr. Winter’s expectations in the syllabus and rubric. Tutors will help guide students in refining their research methodology and written results. Drafts of your research papers need to be present in order to provide constructive feedback.

Workshop #6: Inferential Statistics: Post Hoc Testing and Chi Square Testing

This session is dedicated to a) statistical tests for multiple comparison of means following a one-way ANOVA procedure, and b) the Chi-Square test for independence/dependence of two categorical variables.


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