TLC for Physics 1

In collaboration with physics faculty, the Center for Academic Success has developed a new pilot program for students enrolled in Physics I (PHY 2048 and PHY 2053). Specific skills are necessary to be a successful physics student. Algebraic manipulation, dissection of word problems for relevant information, and modeling problems are integral to building a strong foundation in the physical sciences.

The program addresses topics that include kinematics, force, work and energy, conservation of momentum, rotational motion, torque, gravitation, and simple harmonic motion/mechanical waves.

This new program is facilitated by tutors who have been very successful in Physics I and are former students of physics faculty here at FIU. They have experienced the same frustrations as many Physics I students and are excited about sharing the learning strategies they have identified as most successful for the course.

The CfAS will be eliciting feedback from you as students to refine the program to suit your needs as learners and the faculty’s needs as educators.

Workshop Expectations

  1. BE PREPARED. Bring your textbook, syllabus, and any pertinent materials related to your class. Any forms of assessment are extremely helpful.
  2. BE ON TIME. Sessions are one hour in length. The tutors need all of this time in order to provide each participant with the necessary attention and detail to his/her progress.
  4. BE RECEPTIVE. You will receive a variety of strategies study rubrics throughout these sessions.
  5. BE RESPONSIBLE. Once you register for a workshop at our Center you are reserving a place that no other student can take. Be considerate with these workshops. Keep your Panther ID# handy when you arrive to the CfAS. You must enter your information at the front area of our Center, and make sure that your tutor records your attendance.


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