The Sessions for College Success (SCS) are intended to help with your classes that require many hours of reading, research, and writing.

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Study Skills & Strategies

Study skills and Strategies will show students how to locate, organize, and remember information: The focus is to help students learn strategies that they can ultimately use independently in all their academic courses. Some very effective ones include summarizing, outlining and the use of graphic organizers, annotating, and self-questioning. The overall goal of this seminar is to help students become independent learners through the use of a variety of study skills and strategies.

Information Literacy

Information literacy is a set of abilities which enables students to recognize when information is needed, and how to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively. An information literate student is able to research and use various types of information, evaluate information and its sources critically, and use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose: A critical component of this seminar is to assist students in how and where to gather information for a research paper or report. This seminar will introduce students to important services and access points of the FIU Library and how to navigate the library web site.

APA/MLA Overview

This seminar will introduce important aspects of using the American Psychological Association (APA) Style, and the Modern Language Association (MLA) Style to write and format research papers., what these two styles are and how they differ, why each is used, and who should apply this style to their written work.

Grammar, Punctuation, and Mechanics

Understanding the basic grammar rules is essential for communicating effectively. Punctuation is the tool that allows us to organize our thoughts and make it easier to review and share our ideas. The mechanics of writing specifies the forms of words and their relationships within a sentence. These critical components in writing will be addressed in this seminar.

Test Preparation and Managing Test Anxiety

Most students experience some level of anxiety during a test. However, when anxiety affects test performance it has become a problem. Anxiety is the experience of feeling an intense moment of fear or panic before and/or during a test or assessment. One way to avoid this anxiety is through proper preparation for the test. This seminar will provide students with techniques and strategies to prepare for an exam, and how to avoid or deal with test anxiety.