Partnerships that Work

The Center for Academic Success and university faculty have enjoyed lasting and successful partnerships across various disciplines. The Center allows students to explore and process classroom material in a supportive and student-centered environment. Faculty, on the other hand, encourage students to take advantage of tutoring opportunities which complement student learning and reinforce their ability to succeed in the classroom.

This cross-campus collaboration is most evident in the varied numbers of initiatives, customized workshops and presentations frequently delivered across the campus often at the request of faculty and their departments. The Center is energized by and looks forward to these partnerships at work.

Tutoring Support and Student Learning

  • Students who take advantage if on campus student-centered services tend to have better or improved grades and are more likely to graduate on time.
  • Tutors at the Center, undergo regular and rigorous training in research-proven principles, strategies, and techniques of effective tutoring.
  • The role of the tutor is to empower student with strategies that help promote independent learning. Tutors respect the expertise and course content of professors and are careful to not make tutoring decisions that get in the way of the faculty-student relationship.
  • Students who attend tutoring sessions often report that they gain self-confidence toward a subject area, improve their study habits and feel an overall sense that they are not alone in their academic pursuits.