Tutor Spotlight

JP Sasore

Modesto Maidique Campus
Economics & Statistic Tutor
Major: Economics
“JP was very helpful and made Economics easy to understand.”

Stacey Joaseus

Biscayne Bay Campus
Math & Physics Tutor
Major: Graduate in Biomedical Engineering
“Stacey was a great help!”

Crash Course Links for Study Skills

This series of videos were created by the makers of Crash Course. There are 11 individual videos that you can select and watch on your own time. Topics range from concentration, procrastination, and test anxiety. Enjoy!


TED Talk about Grit, “Angela Duckworth”

Angela Duckworth is the author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. She taught mathematics to middle schoolers and leaned many lessons about what perceptions people had about learning. A great TED Talk!