Tutor Spotlight

Luis Fuentes

Modesto Maidique Campus
ASP Science Tutor
Degree: Bachelor’s in Chemistry, Bachelor’s in Psychology, and Minor in Biology
“Luis F. is extremely helpful and willing to help his students really understand the material
at a simpler level. Thank you Luis! 🙂 ”

Judith Cooper

Biscayne Bay Campus
Reading Tutor
Degree: Specialist Degree in EdS.
“Judy is the best!!!!”

Study Tips From our Spotlight Tutors

Luis Fuentes: “Don’t give up! When you get to a challenging problem, seek advice, get tutoring, or talk to your professors – there’s always a solution!”

Judith Cooper: “Organization is the key to success in studies (and in life). I teach several skills to improve reading comprehension, shorten reading time, and remind them that their books are inanimate.They are in charge of the studying process and their eventual success.”